Bee Gees!!

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Not listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a rare thing for me....but it happens, and not seldom its this album and other Bee Gees songs...also little brother Andy is in that playlist. (a perfect lovesong with Olivia Newton John, 'I cant help it . 
Have you even noticed how 'Sandy' from Grease,  actually has a beautiful timbre?

Child of my time, I will say that Saturday Night Fever was a big influence in my life it was for most of us. 
And yeah, there is more than one link to the RHCP too, like their video 'Robot' and more then once Frusciante sang 'how deep is your love', so...good company. 
Another place where favorites come together is when in Gilmore Girls Lorelei is in her car and sings 'Shadow dancing' by little Bee Gee bro Andy. 

SNF, what a friggin iconic movie that a lot of discotheques these dancefloors were imitated and I danced on a lot of em...we knew the moves, we wore the clothes, we had the hair and we all fell in love with Tony Manero, the quintessential bad guy we all wanted to be or be with. 
(yeah I, in this world, this would be unimaginable , but it was then...different times) 
And yes...we knew all the songs

Maybe its this memory lane thing - 86th Street at Bay 20th Street in Bensonhurst - but maybe it's just because the song are just really good songs with unprecedented harmonies. Them being brothers their voices just naturally harmonise beautifully. 
Listen...'Too much heaven'...voices smooth as honey, perfectly angelic! 

Sadly Barry is the only one of the four brothers still alive. Him being the oldest one, makes it even sadder. 
A while back I saw this video and it made me fall in love with their music all over again. What a nice much tragedy and so much love in his stories. 

Isn't music magical? It's a time machine that's always at hand. 
Have a nice day, have a magical saturday night. 

Much love

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