I Swear!

Gepubliceerd op 24 mei 2021 om 13:59

Don't you just love to swear? Use profanity? 
Cursing, and using all those four letter words. 
Blaspheming , damning and cussing. 
Out loud. 

Which is kinda weird, because i'm a very peace loving person. 
I know words are powers. I know that words create. 
Words should be carefully chosen, specially when directed at another individual. I wish no harm.

So why do I like swearing so much?
It's the energy behind the words, the sheer force. Sometimes its shock value. Definitely its power. 
'Fuck you' is just as powerful as 'I love you'. 
Both of them representing powerful emotions. 
The energy is honest. The words themselves often are not.  
We have learned not to be honest. 
Specially girls. 
Be nice. Be polite. 
So we lie with our words. 
But we can't lie about the power behind the words. 
Words as sugarcoating. 

'Yes sir' can have the exact same energy as 'Go to hell'. 
'Thank you', can easily mean 'Buzz off'
'So nice to see you ' is sometimes just 'please bugger off'. 
And 'I love you' often means a myriad of things that have nothing to do with love. 
Love might very well be the word used most often to cover up a lot of pain, trauma, terror, sadness, loss, manipulation, and sadly, etcetera is a word in place here. 

So...cursing, though it might also harbour pain and trauma and sadness, at least is honest. 
Mostly it doesn't hide all sorts of emotion in it. It's out there. It's in your face. 
It's not what good girls do and i'm completely fine with that. 
Feminine power is not about being good girls that neatly tuck away their emotions. 
(ever seen a woman give birth?) 
It's just as fucking raw and goddamn powerful as masculinity.

We don't need to heal, we don't need to become whole. 
We are whole, we are balanced. 
All we have to do is friggin' own it. 
Take charge. 
Be who we are. 
Stop the fucking lies for social acceptance. 
Quit hiding behind bullshit facades of bourgeoisie. 
Ask what you want to know. 
Strap on the bollocks.
Piss off with the hiding and pretending. 
Just be you damned honest self. 
Swearing an' all.  

Namasté nitwits, till next time. 
Much love

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