Brandus Oldenburger

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I must have been around 20 years old when he did his first fly-by in my life. We must have met on a dance floor, where i'm sure I must have noticed his ever so happy crooked mischievous pirate-like smile, and I wonder if  I noticed right away that his feet did not touch the ground.
I probably did.
I do know he made me laugh in wonder, at what he did and said, and I remember curiously floating along...
We probably kissed, because when someone is that full of life, how could you not kiss? But more importantly, we connected.
You know...these kind of instant connections where thought or reality do not just want the moment of elevation to continue. 
Live, breathe, laugh and I think it involved whiskey.
Somehow this dancing kite of a man came home with me, and romantic involvement may have been the intention..but present interaction was just way more magical. 
He saw my cat Majka, who júst had her kittens, and he tumbled straight to her, with sheer joy, and played with the cats...sort of merged with them. 
I remember looking at him ..knowing he was like air, a fleeting mirage. 
I enjoyed the moment. 
Somewhere in there he told me his name was Brandus Oldenburger, and I might have known that wasn't true, but it suited him. 

The second time we met on a bus, it must have been a few years later....he told me he had moved to Kiel-Windeweer...a tiny village out in the country. It was as easy, as it was impossible to imagine him living there. 
And strangely,  a little sad, knowing he was not in the same city anymore. 
It was just a brief moment. But again, a happy one. 
The third time we met must have, at least, been a decade and a half  later.
I was married by then, and we were at a wedding - with our children- that was held in this village - Kiel Windeweer - and i'm not sure if I remembered him living there, but suddenly he materialized right in front of me. 
All smiles, and again this strange instant connection. 
His house - where he lived with his wife and kids, was right next-door to the venue. He was sort of crashing the party (ofcourse) and we ended up having a beer and talked.  
I think he told me his name was not Brandus Oldenburger...but I don't remember what it actually was. 
We went danced on. 

A few weeks ago, probably anóther decade and a half later, I saw him at the unmute-us this carnival-like parade of house music, as I was riding my bike home, from the corner of my eye I saw him standing there. Same pirate smile, same etherical presence.
Funnily enough in the same street as where I live at the time, with my cat and her babies. 
What a strange circle. 
I turned my bike around and the connection was right there, as if no time had past at all. 
We hugged....and had a slightly awkward conversation. 
I'm sure that the awkwardness stemmed from the fact that we were in the middle of a street full of ravin' hoopla, and I was on my way home (i'm not very good at spontaneous. It messes with my rhythm) he offered me a beer, I declined - because of the non spontaneous rhythm thing - but also because I don't drink alcohol. An regretted it straight away. 
He said something about leaving the country...and that strangely hit me in a sad way.
Knowing he would not be in the same country anymore. 
I don't think I remember his real name, have no idea where he is...but i'm sure that - in a decade and a half or so - we will bump into each other again and no time will have passed.

Its sort of wistful. 
And at the same time magical. 
A connection that exists outside of time. 
Maybe we have been meeting like this throughout the ages, and its somehow reassuring to know that we probably will for the ages to come. 
I promise I will take you up on that beer then. 
Hope you are happily floating along where ever you are.  
Thank you for the magic. 


“One clear moment, one of trance
One missed step, one perfect dance
One missed shot, one and only chance
Life is all...but one fleeting glance.”

- Sanober Khan


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Boots Jan
2 maanden geleden

Mooi verhaal. Hoe de magie uit ons leven lijkt gebannen door de hang, drang of streven naar efficiƫntie en de geest geconditioneerd lijkt om als zodanig te gaan functioneren.
De magie is toch het leven in vrijheid.
Let the spirit go!

2 maanden geleden

....aaah..dankjewel...mooi <3