Desecration Smile

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Their music is like the pearl of honey dripping form the honeypot, you wipe it with your finger and casually lick it...and its just not possible to nót get a spoon, of just put your finger in the pot.
Its seductive sweetness.
For me its just impossible to listen to one song ...once I have a taste, I need to listen till my heart's content. 

With the clicking of the heels i'm swept away - once again. 
From the top op the building into the swimmingpool.
Because jumping is all you cán do. 

Mostly these feelings take me to a recording of a live show,  because I love live music...its real, its raw, its flawed and it shows its soul, together or unhinged, always unstopable. 
Sometimes I get stuck in one now. 
Desecration  Smile.

Tonight it mesmerizes me ..over and over and over...this song is perfect. 
Its the bass, it's the perfect bassline by Flea, listen to that my ears it's not a bass, it's the heavenly haunting strings of my emotions, its asking me to remember - and boy do I remember. 
Chad gently flicking my heart, speeds up, then he brings it all together...follow me follow me!
And then it all takes off to this place of remembering we go! 

The almost happy sounding vocals are treacherous...sweet as honey, innocent , but the story he tells is about the pain of it all going to least, to me thats what its about. 
Anthony Kiedis is a master at telling stories, there is space in every sentence to make the journey be personal.
The innocent 'lalalalala' amplifies it perfectly. 

There is something very beautiful in the ending of a relationship....nop, not when you are in that moment, when you are in it, you are in it.
Nothing beautiful about that. The feeling of hardly being able to breathe at the thought of ending things....the nauseating  cotton candy-like ball in your stomach. The anger, the furie, the smallness...the quiet. 
Do you hear the bass telling that tale? The tumble down...the inevitable tumble down...or is it?

"We could all come up with something new to be destroyed
  We could all go down"

There is something beautiful in the ending of a relationship, later...when the healing is done, the process is done. 
What you end up with is the story. The story how we need our stories;  with a beginning, a middle and an end. 
That's a sweet package. A neat package of all of the emotions. 
The magic and the heartbreak and everything in between. 
Its completed. 
If done properly. 
If done properly you can put it in a box....close it with a ribbon around it, and store it.
And later, much later take it out, look at it, remember. Feel.
The stories that make up your life. Feel. 

It must be the best feeling in the universe to be able to unbox that into a song. 
To tap into that with your best friends and create this extremely beautiful song. 
It will make people laugh, cry and feel....feel everything. 
All of that to the best damn haunting honey bassline ever. 

Flea you are a god
In awe

speaking of relationships ending, this was the one song I could not listen to when John was away. 
Too big a hole in my hart. 
Now whole once again. 


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