And then its born again

Gepubliceerd op 28 april 2021 om 20:42

Some songs are just here. Like they never were not here. Songs that belong. 
To me 'Otherside' is such a belongsong. 

The first time I heard it I loved it straightaway, its darkness and unclutteredness. 
I loved the video too. How could you not. 
Is it a young Frusciante? Fighting his demons...probably...and for sure its you, its me..
It resonates with the sense of loss we all know. And also the sense of not wanting to lose. Or not wanting to let go even when it's time to let go. Letting go, having lost and being lost. 
Thoughts that make you fall,  while flapping your wings and spinning out of control more and more. 
And the peace of hitting the ground. 
The ending. 
The reaching of surrender, the otherside. 

Not having listened to it particularly purposely for a long time, it caught me by surprise a while back. 
Don't you just loooove that about music? That a piece of music or a lyric can surprise you even if you know it só well?
Maybe it's because we live in a time of death. Not just pandemic wise, but a time of systems failing because our awareness is heightened. The world is going through deep deep changes. 
What seems to have started with the metoo movement, they first domino's that will make all it fall down.
And that's a good thing, we need a new fresh progressive clean loving empathic world. 
Can't wait to see (you on) the otherside of this all! 
In the meantime...I will listen to this gem over...and over and over.

Thank you for being Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
Fairy to the World


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