Frie, Maggie and me

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june 29th 2012 Goffertpark

We had met a few times and we talked (and still do) online almost every day since 2010, my best friend Frie and me. 
Among many other quirks and crazy, we also share our love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (although she always tells me she is a fan, but i'm just an utter Peppernutter) so when they came to the Netherlands we decided to go share this experience and meet at the venue. 

It was a gorgeous day, I had come all the way by bus...a bus full of excited Pepper fans full of anticipation. I  was seated next to Corina whom I had never met, but sitting next to her made the journey much nicer. (we've been facebookies ever since)
I was so looking forward to the show, that I forgot to pay attention to where our bus was parked...a slip-up that almost made me miss the frigging bus when it was frigging pitchblack in the frigging park after the was I expected to have my frigging mind be working after a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig anyway!! Geeez people....come on! was a gorgeous day, the sun was out and Tanariwen was opening the show which complemented the heat of the sun perfectly. I walked onto the field (under the Mojo banner that I kinda liked, see picture below) and I walked straight to the white tent in front of the stage. I got my phone out and called Frieda. We were not at all surprised she was just a few meters away from me. That's just how we roll. In sync. 
We had a few beers and Frie had some fries (can't make this shit up) and we were looking forward what was about to happen. 
Oh..then Triggerfinger played and I am sure I would have enjoyed that band any other time, but opening for a huge band like RHCP...that's just an ungrateful task. Strangely. Because I imagine any band would be over the moon crazy happy get the gig...but no one in the audience  really want to hear you play. Not really. At best they are being polite. Impatient for sure. 

But the ofcourse the magic happened eventually. The hours I spent at their concerts are among the best hours of my life, and this was no different...but the pinnacle peak of magic, was when they started to play "The adventures of Raindance Maggie" ...suddenly the skies went grey with summerclouds, and gentle drops of rain were falling...I spread my arms in sheer joy, I was probably laughing out loud ...such great timing by the weathergods! me 'Raindance Maggie' is our song ...Frie, me and Maggie. 
Oh yes...after the song the sun just reappeared. As it should. 

So much love. 
Thank you for being Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
Fairy to the World

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