Scar Tissue

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So much scar tissue was instantaneously healed when this happened..John was back. 

Yeah....we knew, but to see this. 
There he was...i'm sure I cried. 
At every gig I ever saw with John, he makes me cry....just because he is. 
My heart must have broken into a million pieces when he was devastatingly depressing.


"I tumble into space, try to stop the fall. My body ripped and tore, I could have floated in space" 
                                                                           - I've been down, Flea


Imagine my euphoric elation upon seeing this made it real...John Anthony Frusciante was back!!!

You probably know of his unusual path, becoming a Chili Pepper at seventeen, being hurled into fame, quit the band in-  what I can only imagine must have been - a whirlwind of overwhelm and resistance. Then came the drugs and his journey into death. There, suspended in a kind of purgatory, palavering with Hades i'm sure, he actually managed to create musical  masterpieces at that time, for those who can hear. 
And then he decided he had been 'death' long enough, and he willed himself to life again, coming back a master. 

In his absence the band may not have been in that purgatory...but they flew mighty close to the fire.
"One Hot Minute" was aptly named. 
And although my appreciation for that album is growing, it was a benumbing time. Dark and desolate. 
But  life comes as it comes and processes need to be processed...and like everything they do...they do that so well. 
Shaking their feathers and wagging their tails, more together than ever .. the masters of mayhem  were back! 

Whenever I watch this video I feel all the sensations I felt then; he's back, they're back!!!

Every 'frame' of this video makes me jump for frigging joy, every time. Captured by the undenying knowing that they truly returned as masters, and this car would drive for miles and miles..and we were all welcome to hitch a ride. 

And soon, very soon we will be starting a new hike on the path that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been for most of my life. 
The roadtrip with my favorite allies will continue. 
With John. 
Because John is back!
(if only you could see how huge the smile on my face is) 

Thank you for Scar Tissue

"Have you put them aside
Your crazy thoughts and dreams
No they're a part of me
And they all mean one thing
The will to death is what keeps me alive"

                                                                                                                   - The Will to Death, John Frusciante

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