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The buzz is in the air and it's getting louder...
Yes yes...the bees are at it again, summer is coming...sure sure...but hey...these are the melancholy mechanics, so this buzz is concerning the guys. 
After their instagrams and tweets about vacationing, and aloning and distancing...they have all been spotted in Los Angeles...and that is good news for us rockingfreakapotamus! (rockinfreakapotami?) 
There are interviews ...and their talk is changing...they speak about new songs not as a concept, but as reality of the day. 
It's is really truly finally friggin' happening...the new album is in the making. 

Are you as insanely psyched of anticipation as I am? 
Like you have been on a coffee binge for days?
Cuz i'm waaaaay up in the clouds!!!
Jump for joy jump for joy jump for joy!!
Hahaha...bring it on!

Thank you RHCP for being. 

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