Brendan's Death Song

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And again, a song about friendship, love and music. 

Like probably most people that were not part of the punkrock scene of LA, I had no idea who Brendan was. 
He obviously died and was important to a little Brendan excavating was called for. 

So I learned that Brendan Mullen...ah, let's just let Flea tell you:

"When the Red Hots started in 1983, Brendan was booking the Club Lingerie, and because he was booking it, it was an exciting place to play. One knew that he would be playing in the company of interesting, inventive musicians, the avant of independent music, youth culture or not. Brendan created a fertile, exciting, creative environment, the type of scene that inspired musicians to reach out, to try and find new sounds.

Anthony [Kiedis] and I walked in there one afternoon to see him, armed with a boombox and our first demo tape. We were trying to hustle our act, saying and doing what we thought we needed to do to try to get a gig.

Brendan was polite but could have cared less whether we were cool, or popular, or could sell tickets. He wanted to hear the music. We sat down and played it for him; he focused and listened, making occasional insightful comments about the music. We were so proud and excited when he liked it and booked us to open for Bad Brains"


In '77 he opened up a club called Masque and this was a pivotal club for the punkrock scene, I his influence on all music coming for LA after that is undeniable. 

So..this wonderful man gave them their first break! Hence the song, hence the blog. Thank you Brendan for having been. 

Brendan Mullen died on october 12th 2009...on his birthday. 

Fortuitously on this very same day, the Red Hot Chili Peppers had their very first rehearsal with their new guitar player, Josh Klinghoffer. 
Births and deaths...rolled into one. 
Obviously affected by the sad news of the death of their friend, out of a jam this song was born. 
A proper tribute out of love and respect. 

The video is also born out of respect for the man, who apparently loved the artists of the world, musicians, misfits, the creatures of the night, the creators of originality. 
Don't you just love and adore people like him? 

Brendan's Death Song...

Isn't is just beautiful?
Much love

"Like I said, you know I'm almost dead, you know I'm almost gone

And when the boatman comes to ferry me away to where we all belong

- Red Hot Chili Peppers Brendan's Death Song 

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