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To be frank, I am always utterly confused about how the whole John-Josh-John dance makes me feel. 

When we heard in 2009 that John had in fact left the band, again, and he was succeeded by Josh Klinghoffer, that seemed only natural. He had been on tour with them and at many shows had already seemed to be like a fifth band-member. 
Josh made it só easy to fall in love with him. Look at him...he looks like the sweetest elf on the planet! 
The words I heard the other Chilipeppers describe him as are; are kind, a brilliant musician and  most often, generous. 

Did you know, that when they officially asked him, Flea calling him, and asked him to be in the band, his answer was: "can I think about that?".....he wasn't at all sure if he was willing to limit himself to playing the guitar. 

His sweet awkward disposition, an original kind of shyness, his limbs a liquefied bringing-forth-of-music, I immediately adored every bit of Josh. 
This gorgeously sweet magically musical creature saved my band. 

The John-leaving aspect was sad, but I got it.
John is pure. If you follow your heart, making sense to others is not important. The ability to stay out of the drama is essential, and trust will be the most logical. 
This band is driven by that. 
Amidst the mess it creates in a world addicted to drama, this band stays true to the inevitable that life brings them. 
And life is unkempt and untidy. 
And life is glorious. 

So John went and in came this angelic boy of a man.  
I loved all of  "I'm with you", and the cover is what (finally) made me go get my very first tattoo.
The first single of the album was Maggie and the video was awesome!
They did it again. They again succeeded in sounding fresh and fierce. Again there was this whole album (later complimented with mindblowing b-sides) of healing gems, that I knew I would never grow tired of.
Is that not the best gift ever? Music ..really good, straight to the heart, magical music! 
I went to see them at the Goffertpark and was perfectly happy. I never got the people that went on and on about John..because how could you not enjoy what IS, when what IS is sooo friggin fantastically complete! 

And then came ' The Getaway ' and we learned more about the brilliance of Josh, his original musicality shining bright in every song. The man just seems to have a translucent quality about him. Watch him in this video (listen to his angelical voice on Goodbye Hurray) its seems like gravity does not have a hold on him, like his cells fly around in the waves of the frequency he creates. His guitar floating somewhere in that cloud called Josh. 
I love Josh. 

And then John came back. 
I was deliriously happy when I heard the news...I worship John. 
And I was heartbroken and shocked...because .. Josh. 
When Josh was in the band I found it hard to listen to some of the songs that John played on. 
'Desecration Smile' (my favorite song?) is one of those that just hurt too much. 
I have no idea how this will feel in the (near) future with the new album....what is John going to make of Josh's work? Will he honor it as Josh honored his work? ('cause he sure as heck did, he honored the crap out of his predecessors, even made me feel the love for Dave Navarro and One Hot Minute) 

Its like having to choose between chocolate and vanilla, when you'd rather have a 'Peppers Sundae'...
Grateful for all that IS..but darn I wish they had kept Josh in the band. 

Thank the universe for Josh. 
Thank you for being Josh. 

"Knowing what little we know will never be enough
The planet moves around thе sun
Amazing what we know and don't know
A galaxy of questions"

 - Knowing You,  Josh Klinghoffer 

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