Scatter your Shatter

Gepubliceerd op 7 augustus 2021 om 23:50

Mesmerized child levitated
Tapdancing on mountaintops
dripdrops in your shoes
snaps and crackles
Inside outside in

In the name of its for you
The snow the rain the fain to go
No pacman for the whackman
Hold it in hold it down hold on
Its a crazy carnival

Spinning out to the tip of the blade
A wind whirls out of focus
lipsticked anchor
lock and splatter
wet to wetter

Doors slam open
The gunner drops his dime
A bank shot, slam dunk
devoured control
show me show me
lemme' squeeze your soul

the better your flattery
the flatter your battery

And you scatter
your shatter
and know
for better

so as not to drown
you board up an go down
paddle and splatter
wet to wetter

You form in the wet sand
You form to whole



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