Mini Epic, Kill for your Country

Gepubliceerd op 7 augustus 2021 om 22:50

A anti-war song, clearly: "mow 'em down hold your fire mow 'em down hold your fire" 
Supposedly this was going to be on a Rick Rubin produced anti-war album ...which never came to fruition ..obviously..
When I heard the first part I was a bit confused...sweet soft...but ehm...then it kicks into a higher gear and in the meantime its clear that this is genuine protestsong....and then the last part when they really take off old school!!!

Here's two versions, one with a live video, the other just the sound, but better quality. 
Rock on. 
Peace out

"My name is peace this is my hour ..can I get just a little bit of power?"

- Power of Equality, Red Hot Chili Peppers

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