Grandmaster Anthony and his Furious Vibe

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I saw this video in my youtube feed for days, probably since the 17th, when it was released. 
I very deliberately did not click on it...did not want to hear another übercriticizer with soulless hearing talk about my heroes. 
But then I did. Click on it.
And at first I felt the back of my neck recoil, oh yes here we go again - because believe it or not there are a lot of nutcrackers out there with peanuts for brains thinking they are macadamia, with opinions. 
I once read an article by a renowned critic , a review of their then new album "By the Way", and he wrote about how had no idea why Kiedis thought it necessary to start rapping. That disqualified him totally as someone to be taken any kind of serious.
Start rapping...pfff..he obviously did not do any background work on Grandmaster Anthony and his Furious Vibe!!
Where was I..oh yes, the video.
Well...35 seconds neck could relax and release, because this guy knows! 
It always makes me so frustrated when people say Anthony Kiedis is not a good singer.
You may not vibe with his voice, that is a possibility, and that can never be helped. That's just liking what you like. 
But whether he is a good singer...that's a whoooole other can of worms, because he is, he is undeniably a very unique and I want to say soulful singer...but that's not the right word, he is a present singer. Yes...present is the right word. 
Loose with intent, he definitely shows his soul when he sings, always. There. Fully. 
To me that is the magic of the band. 
They are always creating the now. 
They never patronize their audience by tricking them and just doing what they did before. 
They always give all their energy. 
So cool. 
Oh yes...the video is cool too...this voice teacher (I think he is?) has the same ears as I have obviously..he also hears the attention, the perfectly felt intent that Anthony gives. 
And his voice, for me is just the most perfect frequency...every sound seems to have the perfect landing place in my ear, and over time the threads have been woven into the most velvety fabric in my heart and soul. 
So, cool. 

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