Don't Forget Me

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Yes, I am aware that there is a real danger of repeating myself, but this song...this version of this expanding me every time. 
To me, the first notes of Flea's bass and Johns guitar, sound like a child singing....sort of angelic...alone and sad. Ominous.

             "Hickory dickory dock, life just runs amok"

And then life sort of kicks in with the hard woody counting rhythm of Flea's bass....and a whole deluge of life comes tumbling in...all the aspects, all the big and little happenings, the vastness of life overwhelming and taking hold...of everything, lifting you up and smacking you down. Its holiness its harshness, all its trifling matters and all its major milestones. 
A love-song about life itself. 
Love for the dingy and dramatic.
Live your life, don't mind the falling!
"i'll be there"
Go...take (tiptoe) trips with your favorite allies, break waves, huff and puff the mountains over, go!
"you know you're not alone"
You'll flounder, you'll backslide, you will dwindle..sideways falling, more will come and more will always be revealed.
"Don't forget me!"
Its all okay, just tell me when you wanne go...

So magically indicative how the music goes from utter restraint to this avalanche of sound and energy where Anthony is the perfect conduit, verbally and in motion...up to the point that takes my breath away...and then it gets reigned in again...back to the child...back to the child sitting on the porch. As alone and sad, as it is full of promise. 
"More will be revealed" my child...

I.A. m

“This song is my ideal of what God is, and what life is, and what this whole picture’s all about, and how it’s just everything and everywhere, and the good and bad and the in between, and the experiences of a lifetime.”

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