Drifting and Melting and Fading Away...

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When the four of them get together ...well..what Rick Rubin says >>>

I'm positive he was talking about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not just because of the beauty of what he says, but especially the timing.
This was on Rick Rubin's twitter-page on the very same day he did this (snippet of an) interview...in which he 'outed' himself as the producer of the new album, to my,  and i'm sure many others' absolute and utter delight!!!
Oh, and he always deletes his tweets...so it is meant to be for the now. 

Since I am a master and teacher of energetic work, i'm probably particularly sensitive to, and focused on energy, in groups, between people...in places. And it might very well explain my fascination for this band. It transcends the being of  great, or maybe not so great for others (nutters) , music. 
Its not the individuals either - however I adore em all to death.
Its those seemingly random pieces fitting together so magically.
There is this connection between the four of them, that can not be explained....there are no words. 
You can feel it, sense it, probably almost taste and smell it, you can hear it and sometimes you can see it...clearly...

Its in the fireball of rhythm, from the depths of his soul, that Chad becomes when he plays ...its in the making fluid of the wood, when Flea channels the voice of Mother Earth,  its in the trickling fluidity of the eighty percent of water that I am and John taps right into...and its in the soft or strong wind of Anthony's voice, either caressing my skin or blowing me right over...

Its the willingness to open up to the other completely, its a surrender to what ever may come. 
'I will melt into you' 
This video shows Flea and John doing this so chillingly  beautiful..the willingness, the eagerness of letting happen, what wants to happen. 
You can sense the intention behind it all. 
The best part to me, are the last seconds, the close up of John coming up for air..literally...
(the will to death....I will write about that one day) 

So..open up, surrender and let them melt into you. 


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