"Quintessentially Chili Peppers"

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"..there are some flavours on the new album, when it happens, its just like, oh my god, nóbody sounds like that, so quintessentialy Chili Peppers.."



Snippet number two, of an interview that is nowhere to be found in its entirety. 
I have seriously listened to these two snippet a dozen times. (despite the slight irritation over host...shhht...let The Man talk!) 

So...we now know that they have made some awesome music (duh) and that it might be slightly linked to the energies of Stadium Arcadium. The album that I have fallen in love with all over again the past year, so i'm crazy happy. 
Its impossible to describe Stadium Arcadium in a few words, but to me its a very complete album...all the feelings are there...the whole range of human emotions - all of the dark, all of the light - and soultravel and unravel is in there. 

Let me muse a bit, let me try to predict the unpredictable ...what do I expect to hear.

I'm pretty sure that there will be harmonies that will drip into my ears like the sweetest honey.
Harmonies is something they seem to get better at all the time, and their voices are somehow more and more alike. (listen to interviews with Flea and John, its eerie how alike they sound now, sometimes its hard to tell em apart) 
Anthony's vice is more fragile and his singing is improving because of it. 
And John has done so much electronic music in which he plays with the melodic harmonies and the tensions in between. 
So...i'm sure that we will hear lots of that, melodies meandering, intertwining nuances. 

I keep thinking of the word 'dreams'...I think the fabric of the record will be about dreams. Of the endlessness of dreams, the vastness of possibilities when you get to manifest dreams.
And how we nót get to manifest many dreams because we are scared, or inhibited for whatever reason ...and put the dream just beyond our reach. Because we perceive that as safer. 
How to be at peace with what you did or didn't do. And how to conjure up the ability to go forth...

And dance...i'm sure there will be funky tunes that are dance-able, but I kinda expect the whole album to be about movement. Whirl swirl...circles within circles...trippy audible fountains. 
And for sure there will be bouncing-around jump-out-of-your-skin rocksolid rocksongs too. 

Can't wait

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