Freefloating Fiends

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One of my favorite interviews, because there is so much going on. 
John's body language might seem aloof, but they are very actually quite forthcoming and open about the past, their emotional processes and journey as friends. The time when they took it for granted, the estrangement in communication, the stark loneliness of being together without connection.
The freshness of the reunion after estrangement is there, and the feeling their way through it all. Prepared and willing to hear the other on every level. There's deep love between them. 

Their answers are way deeper and more intelligent then the questions, and the interviewer is sadly not aware of the opportunity to have a stunning conversation. Sticking to his list of questions and topics, oblivious to the possibility that is presented to him, (don't get me wrong...I get it..I would probably stumble fumble and mumble my way through far worse, observing is easy from the outside) completely missing the fact that Anthony states that there are songs on that album that 'could have stayed home"...which always leaves me wondering what songs he had in mind...

Then the platitudes come, 'winning team', 'masterpiece', and the godawful question whether 'Under the Bridge' is a curse or a blessing...
The reporter may count his blessings that they are still willing to elaborate on that in a funny and endearing way, but then proceeds to ask if Anthony was ashamed of the lyrics, and were they proud of All Saints covering their song...and - snip - there goes the connection. The moment is now really over. 
The whole talk just derails from that point on, not understanding each other, even literally.  John and Anthony do what they are supposed to do, going through interview motions, John elaborating in unclear directions and the deep sigh of Anthony after the four years question says it all. 
Having said that, its still one of my favorites, because of the obvious (re-) connection between the two.
Boys becoming men. 
I hope they will be doing interviews like this again, though i'm afraid they won't, because of their well deserved need for privacy, and choosing not to rehash. 
Probably the most interesting way to interview them now, would be to spend time with them. Loosely conversing,  observing...let the interactions speak for its self. 
I volunteer. 

I do 


'Sailin' for the sun
'Cause there is one
Knows where I'm from

I care for you
I really do
I really do'

- This Velvet Glove, Red Hot Chili Peppers

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