Most Delicate Under the Bridge

Gepubliceerd op 5 september 2021 om 23:28

Like a box of Pandora that I had closed a little over a decade ago - has now been dusted off and opened up again, and the wonders of the world keep pouring out...
After John left, I found it hard to listen to a lot of their music.
Specially the Stadium Arcadium era, where they seemed so perfectly allied and aligned, the thought of that having ended, was often unbearable to me. 
Now the flood-doors seem to have been opened - liquefying all sorts of Chili Peppers frequencies to quench a thirst I was not even aware of having...

The return of John coincided with the beginning of my getting better. I had been ill for years and quite severe for 3 years, but my treatment was finally starting to pay off. (you can read about that in this blog
So his being back was opening up a whole apothecary of songs and live shows, to help with that healing. 
And there have been quite a few moments, I could actually feel the healing taking place.. in an active way, I could feel my cells yodel, not kiddin' ya.
I discovered that my heart rate, when I am on the treadmill rundancing to their beat, remains more calm, not kiddin'ya!

So...his return, Pandora, flood-gates... I can now listen to their vast array of bewildering music again, and discover new (old) shows, new (old) interviews and new (old) recordings. 
And this is one of them. 
Not at all sure that I didn't hear it before, but very sure that i'm listening with heightened sense of hearing.
The energy of listening has changed. I listen more deliberate. I connect even more to what i'm hearing. I realize again and again how deep my love for music is.
The perfection of a studio album, and the perfect imperfection of live shows. 
And this one...this one takes the cake. 
It is just exceptionally exquisite. 
Chad and Flea perfectly, and I do mean perfectly,  lay down the magic carpet. 
All clean like a rose just out of bud. 
The guitar dances about ever so lightly. 
The harmony is of a baffling delicacy. 
And Anthony is impeccable. 
Simply impeccable. 

I gave my life away


"Give it away give it away now
Give it away give it away now
Give it away give it away now

I can't tell if i'm a kingpin or a pauper"

- Give it away, Red Hot Chili Peppers

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