Mauro Refosco's Drummers Dream

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Mauro Refosco met Flea when they were both part of this supergroup project by Thom Yorke (Radiohead) called "Atoms for Peace", and found out they didn't just share a birthday, but obviously they connected personally and musically too.  
( By the way, I share my birthday with Anthony, tadaaa) 
After a few months, when the Chili Peppers went into the studio where they started working on "I'm with you", Flea called him to see if he was interested in playing with them...well...haha, what a question, right?!
To his great delight, he was not just expected to do overdubs, but was invited to really participate and bring his talents to the game. 
What a dream..
Sure, he was a drummer in his own right, but he was over the moon with this opportunity.  
I heard him speak about Chad in admiration on more than one occasion. 
Calling Chad not just a " very virtuoso, powerful drummer", but was struck by "how extremely musical he is, every cymbal everything he does is playing to the music"

That is a testimony I deeply understand. It is probably another one of those unique qualities that make this band magical. 
They all seem to have a-typical abilities in their trade if you will...that takes everything to this outer-planetary level..
Not just an awesome drummer, not just a fantastic bass player, not just (one of) the best guitar-player in the world, not just a poetically powerful singer...they all have this breathtaking multifaceted way of letting the sound break into a thousand unexpected colors of sound. 

Ya know?

So, Mauro was asked to join them in the studio, and to his utter glee was asked to tour with them later on.
They worked together off and on from 2011 till 2016. 
This clip from a live-show, perfectly demonstrates how much joy making music brings them. 
(after one of their intro jam's I have thought - more then once - if they walk off night would still have been awesome. And that says a lot for I am a freakishly frantic Anthony Kiedis fan)
The video start at the point where the setlist is done, and Chad takes the stages for some fun....with Mauro.
As an interlude to the encores.

I'm sure you feel the same as I do, that this is like handing over a page from the middle of a book...or just showing one scene from a great movie.
Só not the most compelling way to experience potentially great experiences, but alrighty..
So if you have the time, start at the beginning and let yourself get swept up caught up and mesmerized.
If you don't have all that time, then at least start at the beginning of the song that they had just played, which is "By the Way" and starts at 1.18.58  and has an awesome topshot of Chad ...and the blonde girl...I so feel the look on her starry eyed oh so happy face.
(By the way, "By the Way" is preceded by a rather nice Flea/Josh jam.....which was preceded by a great version of "Goodbye Hurray" which was prec...ah well..never mind my crazy, its endless) 
But look at this video. Its beautiful...the love for music makes musicians lift each other up. Look at their joy when Josh (broken footed and all) joins in....and then Flea returns...that meanderingly finding each other.....Chad counts and BAM "Suck my Kiss" rumbles in, yeah!  
Gosh I love music....



Playing well with others is important - not being too flashy, just keeping good time and of course coming up with cool beats. A good snare drum, kick drum, high hat. Just getting good at the hand feet coordination.
- Chad Smith

photograph by anthonykiedisnet/thechilisourcecom

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