The Prayer of Wet Sand

Gepubliceerd op 16 september 2021 om 00:02

Wet Sand, the songs that dances like a prayer.
The easy first movement of the song, like fingers walking over a body in a dreamlike state, the rejoicing laughter of the twirl of a girl, on that bumblebee spring day. 
"My love affair with everywhere"
Promising prospects.
I am happy, join me! Devour!

Then the questions arise,
the urgency comes 'a' knocking....will you?
Do you? Shall we? 
We paddle we run we rise and fall in waves, but are they real?
Craved connections conjured up, or are they real?
Lets postpone the downfall!!
And I fall. 
Don't let me fall. 


The lightness of faith the darkness of trust. 
The whirlwind of love. 
The prayer that unites it all, the knowing..
I fall and I breathe. 
I fell and I breathe. 
I get up and breathe. 
Learning life every step of my unbeaten path. 

The embodied existence experienced
I form in the wet sand
Disheveled do's distorted 
My muddled muffled big mouthed howl
I form in the wet sand.
Then spirit takes over, I do!
I do. 

I do

"My, what a good day for a walk outside
I'd like to get to know you a little better baby
God knows that I really have tried"

- Wet Sand, Red Hot Chili Peppers


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