Spring Spring Spring!

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Album 2022 (CD) (Pre-order - released on: 06/05/2022)

Bought it!
But I was sortakinda counting on November....darn. 
Ah well..something to look forward to during the dreary dark days of winter. 
Or I could go into hibernation, til spring...

Spring spring spring...is a joke only Dutch people will get...because 'spring' in Dutch means 'jump'
I do a lot of that when i'm in a Pepper mood. Which is like..most of the time. 
My fire of my love for them is always flamin' fiercely, but now..with the KHOT video's ...the pictures by Clara Balzary....its like pokin' the fire with a stick...makin' sparks fly. 

I'm kindasorta expecting this new album to be an accumulation of all they have done til now. 
Which - like duh -  makes  perfect sense, because it can only be an accumulation of their experiences and life..
So..i'm foreseeing the spirit of George Clinton to be in there too...funky groovy rockafreakin' - with a dash of adult - music. 
The journeys of these four men is whats gonna be in the music.
There will always be crazyass people who will compare the new work to the old. Which is kinda silly. 
(you were probably an adorable 3-year old, but nobody expects you to stay that way...I hope) 
I love the whole body of their work more and more. Because its one body. And its a great body. A hot body. 
I have even kinda fallen in love with One Hot Minute, which I always sorta saw as the weak spot.
Now I feel its just part of the whole, and I love the whole...wholesome whole. 

This one is going to - imperfectly - dot some i' s and cross some t's. 
Lets always evolve. 


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