Frusciante Fractions

Gepubliceerd op 23 oktober 2021 om 15:52

Its hard, when one is hungry but there are only crumbs to be found..these crumbs are like tiny little cakes of perfection though, make you lick your heart and taste its health. 
This was the first footage of the band when reunited with John again. 

(Private Venue, Beverly Hills, CA, USA. February 8, 2020)

This one is the most recent to my knowledge. It was Flea's birtday...what a way to spend that day! Doing great things with great people...making music and investing in the future of music by encouraging and supporting young people to make music, learn how to play. 
Flea is just awesome. 
And how friggin freakishly far out happy does it make you to see Tha Man play his guitar gain!!
I just know 2022 is gonna be a trip. 
With my favorite allies. 

John Frusciante, Flea & Friends - Just Kissed My Baby (The Meters Cover) Silverlake Conservatory  October 16, 2021.

'Lets go get lost'

"What's gone will never come back
But it exists when you think of it
And what is anything, anyway
But a series of things running through your brain"

-One More Of Me, John Frusciante

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