Soul Squeezed

Gepubliceerd op 18 november 2021 om 22:13

The best medicine for everything and anything is to have my soul squeezed by my beloved 'for better or for worse' band-of-bloody-joy! 

I know, I know I get carried away, but that is because I get carried away! 
When I feel ill, the music makes my cells accelerate to precisely the right healing frequency.
And when I feel sad or bad, their magic makes my cellular memory jump right into gear and boom, there's my smile!

And then there are these moments that just are perfect at that space in time. 
When enjoyment goes to excitement, and excitement turns into friggin' ecstasy!!
Sadly I don't  know how to cut out a part of video, but maybe that's a good thing..let you decide how much you want to see. (how could you not want all of it) 
The part that got me so squeezed just now is:

11.50 up to 13.53

Now if you want to fully appreciate watch this whole show, because its a an opera is a story. Or a movie. But live art is the best, and it always produces a unique story, always. 
But in these two minutes a love story is told. 

I bet you its quite an achievement on Anthony's part to do this melting together with the other three as fiercely and finely as he does...with himself being the instrument ...that takes a whole lot of opening your heart up.
And let it all flow in and out, come what may.
That's a fucking brave commitment. 

                     * bowing to grandmaster Kiedis* 


Isn't this magical...the moment where Kiedis  is so fully enthralled by the music that Frusciante makes.
For a moment Kiedis is a fan - just like we are - getting his soul squeezed. 


Today Love smiled on me
He took away my pain, said, "Please
I'll let your ride be free
Ya gotta let it be, oh, yeah"

- Soul to Squeeze, Red Hot Chili Peppers

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